Monday, August 1, 2011

White Class & Trashy

Another epic weekend has come to an end. Oregon Jamboree 2011 is in the books and I can just say, it was amazing and I do believe we've started a tradition. So many memories, so many great performances, so many new friends, so many laughs, so many, so many, so many.

Day 1:
Loaded up the car, and I mean loaded. Poor Ashley had to take Cari's direction, because she couldn't see out of the back window, due to all of our stuff piled to the top of the car. Outrageous. 3 girls + 3 days camping = waaaaay too much stuff!
We left town early afternoon on Friday, for a long drive. 4 1/2 hours to Sweet Home, Oregon! The drive didn't feel like it took that long, that's for sure. We listened to some great music and had some great conversation on the way. I just love my girls!
Once we arrived in Sweet Home, we found our way to our campsite, where Ashley and Cari put up our tent. I supervised because I don't know how to do anything like that, because generally, Mr. Gill is with me and I'm told not to touch anything, so I let them do all the work. ;)
We headed to the concert site, on a school bus (shuttle) where they let you drink beer on the way. Amazing! The first night of shows that we saw, was JoDee Messina and Ronnie Dunn, both spectacular performers! I was too drunk to get any pictures of Ronnie Dunn, sorry.
Packing the car
JoDee Messina
Stranger Danger
New friends

 Pitched a tent
JoDee Messina

Day 2:
Ashley was supposed to interview and introduce Troy Olsen that morning. Apparently his bus broke down in Reno and wasn't able to make it, so she was told, very last minute, that she would be announcing Margaret Durante instead. If you're wondering who that is, don't worry, we didn't know either. We googled her and found out as much info as we could about her in less than an hour. Ashley did a great job announcing her and it was pretty amazing watching her up on that big stage!
That afternoon we watched Sawyer Brown, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and LADY ANTEBELLUM! And, why wouldn't my camera batteries go dead RIGHT before Lady A performed?! Their show was even better than I thought it would be, and to top it off, the ended with an Aerosmith song. Classic!
Watching Ashley on stage.
Passing out in the beer garden, people thinking I was dead
Lady Antebellum
Not getting back in the beer garden because it was at max capacity.

 Ashley, introducing Margaret Durante
 Our new friends from the Harbor, Annmarie & Heather!
The only pic I got of Lady A, their interview before the show.

Day 3:
Last day of the festival, no showers, hair a mess, lookin' like we rolled in dirt, lets go meet a celebrity! Ashley interviewed and announced Laura Bell Bundy on Sunday. LBB was probably my favorite performance of the weekend! She's got so much energy, I just wanna put her in my pocket and take her home!
We headed back to the campsite to have a little lunch before our meet and greet with the gorgeous Clay Walker. (I don't have pictures from that either, since they only took professional ones, I'll post one as soon as they post in on his website) And then for his show and finally, Darius Rucker! HOOTIE!!!
Clay Walker in a nutshell. Cute butt, adorable walk, amazing smile, drinks hot starbucks in 80+ degree weather, super friendly, great performer. After his show was Hootie, I mean, Darius Rucker. All I wanted was for him to sing some old Hootie and the Blowfish songs, and he did. Yay him! I like his country music, but I LOVE Hootie!!! Great end to a great weekend of shows!
Packing up after that show, was interesting to say the least. Trying to get all that stuff, back in the car, yeah, next year, we'll hire someone to do that for us, or rent a truck and throw it all in the back.
 Ashley, introducing Laura Bell Bundy
 The adorable LBB
 Clay Walker
Hootie, I mean, Darius Rucker!
Epic weekend finally came to a close around 2am when we rolled into town. I want to thank the fabulous Ashley Greninger for inviting me along and for being so freaking awesome. Another thanks to Cari Jewell, just for being her. I love her. And to all our new friends too! Can't wait to see ya'll next year for the 20th anniversary for the Oregon Jamboree!!!

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  1. crack me up and make me even MORE jealous that I could not year though. I am SO there!! =]