Sunday, August 28, 2011


Fun times ahead this week for us. I signed Cooper up for the Central Park Co-Op preschool. For those that don't know, a co-op preschool is like a "parent run" kind of thing, one teacher per class and parent volunteers. I'm so excited for this, but I definitely think that Coopman is waaaay more excited. Everyday he asks me if it's time to go to "pre-skoo" This year he'll be in the the toddler class, which is one night a week and the parents stay with the children during the class. I can't wait for him to make some new friends and get socialized.

I'm hoping to get to the gym Monday morning at 5am, since I work all mornings this week. Some days at 6am and some at 7am, so Mon is a 7am day, I'll be hitting the gym (hopefully) at 5am. Oye, we'll see. I need to do it, no more excuses.
Monday is parent orientation day at the school. Wednesday is Meet the Teacher night. Cooper has asked me every 20 minutes today if he can go to pre-skoo, meet his "teatchurr" and meet "fwiends". It's pretty cute how pumped he is about this. So pumped in fact that we have a countdown going. Coloring pages that say "Countdown to Preschool" with the number of days left till school. Everyday he gets to take a page down and color the picture. It's pretty adorable, if I do say so myself.
Also on the to do list Monday night, an old friend, Cinnamon, is also coming into town and I haven't seen her in years. So after orientation, I'll be going out with her and a bunch of others for a few drinks.

Tuesday I work at 6am, so I WILL be going to spin class. No questions asked. I will be there.

Wednesday is Meet the Teacher night at preschool. Coop is more excited about this than a kid on Christmas morning. I tell ya, it's too stinkin' adorable. I really should record his excitement so you get the full affect.

Saturday is the Aberdeen/Hoquiam football game, AND pregame I will be attending the KIX 95.3 tailgate party to hopefully win some Taylor Swift tickets I qualified for last week. Fingers crossed for that. I love me some concerts!

Last but not least, I leave you with my meal plan.

Sunday: Hawaiian BBQ Chicken
Monday: Beef Stroganoff
Tuesday: Homemade Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Wednesday: Corn Chowder
Thursday: Beer Meatball Subs
Friday: Blackened Tilapia
Saturday: Turkey Burgers

Hope everyone has an amazing week! =)


  1. You crack me! I really hope you get those tickets. We love Taylor Swift in my house! I can't wait to hear all about Coopie's preschool. What a clever idea!