Monday, July 25, 2011

Fun in the Sun

This past weekend, was probably one of the best that I've had in a long time. Friday I went to my first Kenny Chesney concert with my amazing girlfriends! Saturday was the Bill Cosby show at the D&R with another fabulous girlfriend and Sunday was family day! What could be better?

Let me just tell you, Kenny Chesney puts on an AHHH-MA-ZING show! One of the best concerts I have ever been to! Our girls day was amazing and that was just the cherry on top! Ashley, Heidi, Cari and myself, headed to Tacoma on Friday afternoon, did a little shopping, did a little drinking, did a little concerting. (yes, that's my new word, please don't use it without my permission) I'm not sure that I could have had a better time with any other girls, because lets face it, the four of us know how to have a great time!

Saturday afternoon, while Colin was at work, Cooper and I had a play date with Sheena & Kolton Brown, and Sheena's cousins. The kids played in Kolton's new bouncy house and ran threw the sprinkler! The kids had a blast, I love that my friends have kids around the same age as Cooper, I just wish we had more time to get together with everyone.

Saturday night was the Bill Cosby comedy show at the D&R. I hadn't planned on going to this, but I got a text, literally 50 minutes before the show started, from Nikki, and asked if I wanted to go. I quickly found a sitter, and met her there. Here's a tip, when it's hot outside, and you're in the balcony of the D&R, bring a hand fan. We were MELTING up there. So, we did what any normal person would do, and snuck downstairs and stood against the wall for the rest of the show.

Bill Cosby. Whoa. I grew up watching that show. I love it, and was pretty obsessed with it, I have no idea why I had no intentions on going, but I'm glad that Nikki asked me to go with her, because he was hilarious and well worth it! After the show, we had a late dinner at Casa Mia *eye roll* I can't help but love that stupid place, even though they are run by a bunch of crazy people. But, they have delicious food that is like a drug to me.

Sunday was family day. We woke up and Cooper requested big pancakes, as per usual. So I made him big cinnamon pancakes. Then he got into swim trunks and went outside in the heat (yes, we had one hot day this weekend, it is summer after all, maybe hitting 75+ degrees more than 2 days per summer is normal where you live, but not in good old Grays Harbor)....outside we go, Coopman and Mr. Gill played some baseball and then soaked in Coop's new whale pool I bought him the day before. He picked it out, it has a spot that makes a sprinkler out the blow hole of the whale's head. BUT, he wants nothing to do with that part, just the pool. Um hello kid, I could have saved money and just bought a pool!!! Whatever, he'll learn to love it. But until then, I sent Mr. Gill to Home Depot to buy a cheap $6 sprinkler that you'd just use to water the yard. He hates that too. So no more money will be spent on things to entertain a kid who was playing with the fish net in his pool.

I wish every weekend could be like this one. Great friends, super fun activities and my always amazing family!!!


  1. LOve the photo of you and Mr. Gill!

  2. The concert was amazing.
    Even more excitement to come this weekend.
    That will be a long blog post!

  3. I am seeing Kenny in a month and I can't wait!!!! Sounds like the best weekend ever!