Saturday, May 14, 2011

Walmart hates me.

First off, this isn't going to be a blog about my couponing adventures, I just have a very boring life this past week, with my hurt food and all, so this is probably the highlight of the whole week ;)

I went to good old Walmart tonight with my good friend, Nikki Paling, a stack  of coupons and a very detailed list. Of course, they didn't have everything I needed, this is me we're talking about, and my luck is non existent. At the checkout stand, I hand the cashier my stack of usable coupons and she lets out a big *sigh*. Sorry lady, just tryin' to save some money, sheesh. The lady a couple people behind me in line, says to her friends "Oh my gosh, she has all those (insert bad word here) coupons. Again, sorry lady, just tryin' to save some money. I hear more than a handful of sighs from the cashier and I just have to laugh, it's not THAT big of a deal, just scan the damn things! Anywhoo, here is my haul tonight.

2 bottles Hunt's Ketchup
2 bottles soy sauce
2 bottles sweet & sour sauce
2 bottles Nivea body wash
Finese Shampoo & Conditioner
Finese Moose
Finese Hair spray
John Frieda Shampoo & Conditioner
John Frieda Root lifer spray
3 packs Bic Soliel Razors
4 packs Wilkinson Razors
3 packs Rayovac batteries
2 packs Carefree panty liners

Total out of Pocket: $26.27
Total Savings: $49.29


  1. That is awesome.. and also reminds me of the MANY *sigh* bad occassions I decided to bring my stinkin WIC coupons to WalMart.. no one likes to stand in the 'slow' line, but then when you are the reason that the line is slow and the reason you are the reason is that you grabbed the wrong size box of cereal, or the wrong brand of juice just makes it even more glorious!
    you did a great job saving, and got an awful lot of razors!.. should last a long time though! good job!

  2. Julie - TLC's show "Extreme Couponing" is going to complete ruin couponing for everyone else. I have just started really couponing a little while ago (you know this), but at the beginning, people used to ask me about my binder and thought it was amazing when I saved so much money.

    Now? I get looks from other customers when I put 5 of something in my cart - like the other day, I got Texas Pete for .20/bottle, so I used all 5 coupons I had in my binder. A man stopped me and asked - "why do you need so many?" (seriously? I am ONLY buying 5 - I used to buy 5 of things before I had coupons too). Anyway, I politely told him I was getting them for .20/ea thanks to coupons and my husband, the older gentleman next door, and our friend love hot sauces of any kind so I was going to surprise them all with some Texas Pete. He said, "Oh. Well. If you're going to share."

    Dear God. It's not like I'm buying something to let it rot in my basement and throw it away. EVEN IF I kept them all, my husband would use them, despite the fact Texas Pete is his least favorite hot sauce. It's not your business what I'm doing with 5(!!!) items.

    Sorry, small rant. I get sighs from cashiers, looks from people in line (which usually change to smiles when I share a coupon or two from my binder for items in their cart), and my coupons are closely examined. *sigh*

    But you're doing great! Saving money in today's economy is important. You should hold your head high b/c you're smart enough to clip coupons, pair them with sales, and get the biggest bang for your buck!

    I'm proud of you!

  3. Joy, I totally agree. That show is totally going to ruin it for all of us!

    I need to not let these people get to me, but I do feel embarrassed and frustrated when they get mad that I'm trying to save money.