Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011. Oh the Joy.

Quite an eventful Mother's Day in the Gill house. Before heading out to the beach, to have brunch at QBR with my Colin, Coop, my Mommy & Stepdad, I made a quick trip to Rite Aid to get the Mother's day card I forgot the night before. Walking to the checkout stand, in my cute dress and super cute nude heels, I bit it. Hard. Fell to both knees, twisted my foot and scuffed up my amazingly cute heels. Thankfully no one saw me, but a few heard. A worker comes out of his hole and asks if I'm ok, about 1253 times. I buy my cards, limp out to the car, and see I have instant bruises on both knees and a golf ball size lump on the top of my left foot. Awesome.

We head to QBR and I can barely walk. Bring on the buffet. I looked like a fool. I didn't look like I hurt my foot, I looked like that girl you see walking in tall heels that has never worn heels in her life. Classy. As brunch went on, my foot got bigger and bigger and by the time we got home and I took off my heels, my foot was ginormous. I iced and elevated it on and off throughout the day. By the time Colin's mom got here for dinner, I was over the pain and ready to go to the ER, but being me, of course I needed to eat first. Duh.

Que the ER. We get there, first ones, and of course, all of the Harbor followed. A random guy who thought he was a dr, diagnosed my FOOT injury as a high ankle sprain. Thanks dude, I think I'll wait for the actual Dr to tell me what's up. Another random couple, had their DOG up there, clearly not a service dog, clearly not sanitary. Did I mention how much I love our hospital?

Xrays done. Nothing broken, but a sprain, so I have this GIANT splint up to my brain that I have to wear for 5 days. Fabulous.

That was my glamorous Mother's Day. Hope you all have better stories than that! Here are some pics from my day :D

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