Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kansas City 2011

Over the weekend, I took a trip to Kansas City. You may ask why? Well, when I was pregnant with Cooper, I joined a message board for other woman that were pregnant and due the same month as I was, to ask as a first time mom, to get support and to answer any question I may have had for others. This magical site was (don't go there now, it's changed and it totally sucks lol) Since then, we've spawned off into other groups on facebook, not just the December moms, and have became very close and have formed some amazing, life long friendships. People think it's weird. I think it's amazing.

I am now friends with most of these girls on Facebook and have watched their kid grow up, right along side The Coop Man. I feel like they're my own kids. And I love these women like my own family. Anyways, we decided at the end of 2010 that we would have a get together, Kansas City was mid point for us (I totally threw that mid point off living in BFE) KC it was, oh and no kids! =)

Now, when people asked me why I was going to KC, I simply said "to see friends" or "for a girls weekend". Yes, that's the short of it, but when I get into the actual reasons why, people look at me like I have 3 heads. I'm going to see these girls that I've never met in my life, and we're going to spend the whole weekend together. Oh and to top it off, I'm going where they have...wait for it...."ALL THOSE TORNADOES???" Yes, that's right, I'm a tornado chaser apparently. Duh.

Back to the trip. I flew into St. Louis on Thursday, because one of the girls (Roxanne) said that if it was cheaper, a few of us could stay at her house, and we would drive the 4 hours to KC together. ROAD TRIP! Well, 3 of us took her up on that offer. Tawnya (from Hotlanta) and Brocha (from Brooklynn) all stayed with Rox. Friday morning, we headed for KC to meet with the others.

8 girls total stayed in 2 suites and a few others that live around the area met up with us. Now, I totally did NOT feel like I was meeting these girls for the first time. I've talked with many of them on the phone, skyped with them, text, you name it. It felt totally normal. But like I said, people looked at me like I was a crazy person for wanting to do this.

I have a life long souvenir now from this trip. Tenley, Tawnya and I got tattoos while we were there. I was so glad to be with them while they got their first (and my 6th)...such a great experience!

We seriously had a blast. I wish I had enough money to meet up with these girls once a month! And, even though I missed my boys terribly, I did not want to leave them!

So, thank you girls for making my trip amazing and for being such spectacular friends. Tawyna, Brocha, Tenley, Tosha, Roxanne, Virginia, Laura, Niomi, Maggie, Shelly and Chelsea. Thank you all for a fabulous weekend and I really look forward to the next meet up!!! <3

My tattoo, perfect for my life AND for the weekend!!!

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  1. And I STILL wish I could have been there! Maybe next time . . .